Full-Time Industrious and Wise Nanny Needed in Presidio, S.F.

Presidio, S.F.

 As soon as they meet their match!

A 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy

 Competitive and commensurate with experience and education. Our family values the expertise and qualifications that each candidate brings to the role. They are committed to offering a fair compensation package that aligns with industry standards.

50 hours a week

Say Hello To Our Family:

We are ecstatic to be assisting a loving and busy family during their search for a long-term and dedicated nanny. This position requires a nanny who is detail-oriented, communicates effectively, and possesses a proactive and positive approach to childcare. Travel readiness is a must, as is a flexible schedule that can accommodate late evenings when necessary, and an ability to maintain effective communication.

.In our family, you will find two dedicated and hardworking parents who lead busy lives due to their demanding schedules and positions. Mom and Dad are eagerly seeking a nanny who can become an integral part of their team, treating them as a valued member. They genuinely appreciate the assistance and nurturing care provided by their nanny to their children. Rest assured, as part of our family, you will have the independence and freedom to fulfill your role with confidence and autonomy.

You can look forward to exciting and dynamic days with our family, as they have two lively and active children! Their 3-year-old daughter is curious and energetic, enjoying activities such as reading books, spending time outdoors, singing, and learning new things. Their 1-year-old son is at the stage of discovering the wonders of the world around him. Our family strongly encourages their children to explore and embrace the outdoors. They value educational and fun outings, including trips to the library, exciting adventures at the zoo, leisurely walks, sunny beach visits, engaging visits to academies and museums, and much more. Being actively involved in their children’s outdoor experiences and providing enriching outings are important values within our family.

When it comes to the schedule, our family is actively searching for a long-term career nanny who embraces the mindset of “the more hours, the better!” They are seeking a nanny who can dedicate 50 hours per week to their family, with occasional later evenings required for events, date nights, or if Mom or Dad is traveling and additional support is needed (with advanced notice, of course). Our family fully recognizes and acknowledges the reality of nanny burnout, and they genuinely value your well-being and personal time. They actively encourage you to take breaks throughout the day when the children are napping or engaged in independent play. The ideal candidate for our family is someone who is highly reliable, deeply dedicated, and unwaveringly committed to their role.

As a nanny in this role, your responsibilities will encompass all aspects related to the care of their children. This includes tasks such as handling their laundry, maintaining tidiness, and organizing their belongings. Given the demanding schedule of our family, they greatly value their dedicated time with the children on weekends and evenings. Therefore, having a proactive nanny who efficiently manages child-related tasks is crucial. You will also be responsible for light meal preparation and cooking for the children, including breakfast, snacks, and dinner preparation.

Our family eagerly anticipates finding a nanny who is ready and willing to travel! This position includes the opportunity for domestic travel for approximately 1-2 weeks per year. It’s an exciting prospect for a career nanny who enjoys exploring new destinations and experiences with the family.

Moreover, this is an ideal opportunity for a dedicated career nanny who desires a long-term commitment with a family. As the children grow, there is potential for the role to evolve into a hybrid position, encompassing both family assistance and nanny responsibilities.

If you are a joyful, affectionate, flexible, and truly devoted nanny, this family is an excellent match for you. You will become an integral part of a caring and united unit, where trust, open communication, and professionalism are greatly valued. Your contributions will be recognized and cherished, and you will be regarded as a valued and dedicated professional within the family.

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