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Backed by 20 years of nanny industry knowledge, Hello Nanny is your trusted partner in finding exceptional caregivers and household staff for families. With our expertise and dedication, we simplify and streamline your search, ensuring a successful and stress-free experience. At Hello Nanny, we understand the challenges of sourcing reliable care. Our extensive network of pre-vetted career nannies guarantees highly qualified candidates who meet your unique needs. We go above and beyond to find your perfect match. If we don't have a candidate within our network, we extend our search to ensure the ideal caregiver for your family.

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Stephanie Fornaro


Stephanie Fornaro is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, where she earned her BA in Communications. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills in sales and business development, particularly in the realms of medical devices and software sales.
Amidst her professional journey, Stephanie and her husband welcomed their second child, Jesse. Balancing her career and caring for a newborn proved to be a challenge, and they were not comfortable with the idea of placing their infant son in a daycare facility. Recognizing the need for a different solution, Stephanie and her husband made the decision to hire a nanny for their family. During their search for the perfect nanny, they were fortunate to find Megan, who became an invaluable member of their family team. Stephanie's corporate experience in sales provided her with a unique perspective on managing the nanny recruitment journey, understanding it much like a sales cycle. She approaches the process with sourcing, qualifying, setting clear expectations, under promising, and over delivering in mind. This mindset has proven highly successful in bridging the gap between parents and nannies. Stephanie is intimately familiar with the communication and balance required to cultivate a harmonious partnership between nannies and families. She deeply relates to families who, like herself, are in search of a nanny they can trust and rely on. Stephanie's personal journey, coupled with her corporate background, has shaped her passion for creating positive and mutually beneficial nanny-family partnerships. At Hello, Nanny!, Stephanie's expertise and understanding serve as the foundation for our commitment to supporting families in finding the perfect nanny match.

Kadynce Matsuoka


As an Executive Assistant & Talent Assistant, Kadynce brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for supporting families in their childcare journey.

Kadynce joined Hello, Nanny! after gaining hands-on experience in the childcare field at Legacy Christian Academy where she served as an after school care provider spanning three years for children aged 3 to 11. Her experience provided her with valuable insights into the unique needs and dynamics of different age groups, also understanding what attributes a quality childcare worker possesses.

In addition to her contribution to Hello, Nanny! Kadynce is a student at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Communications and Spanish. Kadynce especially enjoys practicing her Spanish speaking abilities allowing her to connect more personally with bilingual candidates at Hello, Nanny! Above and beyond work experience and studies, Kadynce volunteered for nine months working at (ART) Autism Response Team in Frisco, TX as a Registered Behavioral Therapist Intern (RBT). This role allowed her to support individuals with autism and their families, contributing to their development and well-being through evidence-based behavioral interventions.

Kadynce aspires to attend law school in the future where she hopes to serve as Hello, Nanny's in house legal counsel to represent and protect employment partnerships between parents and nannies.

Risa Owen


With over 10 years of dedicated childcare experience and 3 years in recruiting and talent acquisition, Risa Owen brings a unique and highly valuable skill set to our agency. Prior to joining Hello, Nanny!, Risa served in various roles for nanny agencies as Lead Recruiter, Nanny Coordinator, and Counselor. Her extensive background includes working as a caregiver, special education paraeducator, respite care provider, ski instructor, and professional nanny.

As the Lead Recruiting Manager at Hello, Nanny!, Risa utilizes her exceptional vetting and interviewing skills to thoroughly assess each applicant's qualifications, personality, and fit for our families. Her unwavering commitment to providing personalized attention and meeting the individual needs of each family has contributed to her proven track record of successfully placing the perfect nanny match.

As a mother herself, Risa intimately understands the importance of finding the perfect childcare solution for a family's most cherished loved ones. In her spare time, Risa is an accomplished Olympic weightlifter who loves hiking fourteeners, riding horses, gardening, and spending time with her family of three, and their extended family dog and chickens. Her unparalleled childcare experience, industry relationships, and talent for recruitment make her an invaluable asset to our agency. Families can trust that with Risa at the helm of our recruiting efforts, they will receive the highest caliber of nanny services tailored to their unique needs.

Marie M.


Marie's path in the nanny industry began with a remarkable blessing—a family that became the cornerstone of her career, providing an extraordinary ten-year placement. During this transformative experience, Marie's passion for the nanny industry ignited, and her deep understanding of its dynamics led her to develop a groundbreaking system and process that sets nannies and families up for unparalleled partnership success.

Her profound industry insights hi-lighted the importance of transparent and harmonious relationships between nannies and families. She understood that a strong partnership required aligning industry standards with the unique desires and aspirations of each family, without sacrificing the needs and well-being of the nannies.

Marie's wealth of knowledge and expertise became the guiding light that paved the way for a revolutionary model—one built on transparency and representation, fostering an environment where nannies and families thrive together, free from conflicts and misunderstandings. Drawing upon her extensive experience, Marie crafted a comprehensive framework that addressed the intricate complexities of the nanny industry. Her model not only provided families with clarity on industry standards but also empowered them to find the perfect match—a nanny who would seamlessly integrate into their lives and meet their unique requirements.

Through that desire, Hello, Nanny!® was born.

A strong foundation rooted in Marie's time and dedication to the nanny industry. Her vision was to create a bridge between parents and nannies, addressing the needs of both sides and fostering sustainable partnerships.

Stephanie, driven by her passion to support moms like herself, is deeply committed to serving parents and children. Her personal experiences fuel her dedication to creating a nurturing environment for families.

Temporary Nanny

Support That Transcends: Empowering Parents

The immense support Megan provided to Stephanie and her family left a lasting impact. It ignited a deep sense of purpose within Stephanie, compelling her to ensure that all parents have access to the support they deserve. Driven by this calling, Stephanie embarked on a mission to empower parents.Through our agency, we are dedicated to providing unwavering assistance and fostering connections that transcend the traditional caregiver role. At our core, we believe in the power of support and the strength that comes from building a network of care. Let us be your ally on this journey of motherhood, extending our hand to provide the support you need, just as Megan did for Stephanie and her family.

Eliminating the Risk and Hassle of Sourcing Reliable Care

When it comes to finding reliable care for your child(ren), the task can be time-consuming and overwhelming. How do you handle situations like vacations or sick days when searching for a nanny on your own? And what about creating a work agreement that establishes a successful partnership? The complexities involved in sourcing the perfect match can be daunting.

While there are multiple options available for finding child care, many online platforms place the burden of responsibility on you when it comes to selecting a trustworthy, compatible, and reliable candidate. From understanding market rates and industry standards to sourcing, vetting, conducting reference checks, organizing interviews and working trials, all the way to extending an offer, the process can feel overwhelming.
Delegate the recruiting to experts that can simplify the process and make it easier for you. With our comprehensive services, you can streamline your childcare search and find your perfect match with ease. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of navigating the process on your own. Let us guide you towards a successful childcare partnership that meets your specific needs.

Partnering with Hello, Nanny!® to Retain the Highest
Quality Candidates in the Industry

We pride ourselves on our extensive firsthand experience, unwavering dedication, genuine passion, deep industry knowledge, and valuable connections. Our mission is to connect families with the most highly qualified, rigorously screened, and exceptionally reliable career nannies in the industry. By choosing to partner with us, families can confidently navigate the nanny selection process, knowing they have access to the very best candidates available. With Hello, Nanny!®, bidding farewell to the hassle and stress of finding a nanny is a reality. Say hello to a partnership that offers peace of mind and unwavering support for you and your family.

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