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Posted - May 16, 2023

The Fifth Trimester: How to Go Back to Work After Baby.

The day to return to work is quickly approaching, and you find yourself filled with stress, dread, anxiousness, and worry. How will you manage working and caring for your baby? 

How will you keep up your milk supply? 

Will you be able to focus on your work? 

What if you’re not ready? 

What if your baby isn’t ready? Learn More
Posted - April 26, 2023

4 Best Tips for a Nanny to Consider Before Choosing a Family

Hiring a professional nanny and working with families is a two-way street. It is true that, as the nanny, you are the employee, but you still have a say in where you work, how you work, and the conditions you work in. You deserve to know what’s expected of you from the get-go, and it’s important that you consider all aspects of a family before committing to a position. Learn More
Posted - April 18, 2023

Knowing Your Parenting Style and Why it Matters When Partnering with Your Nanny

For generations, parents have followed the path laid out for them by their parents and their grandparents, echoing their words, expectations, and actions. 

But in my work as an early childhood educator and conscious parenting coach, I’ve seen a collective shift toward intentionality in how new parents design their parenting journey and, by extension, their children’s early years.

They do this by explicitly asking themselves, “What parenting style do I align with?” To assist families in identifying their parenting style, I have outlined a few to help you see where you lie. Learn More