Part-Time Proactive and Outgoing Family Assistant/Household Manager/Nanny Needed in Oak Point, TX

 Oak Point, Texas

 As soon as they meet their match

 A 5-year-old boy

 Our family is flexible depending on experience and education.

 Monday-Friday 2:00 pm-7:00 pm


Say Hello To Our Family:

Our busy, fun, and professional family is seeking a Family Assistant/Household Manager/Nanny to provide exceptional care for their son and help manage their household. The ideal candidate will have experience working as a nanny and managing a household, and will be able to balance both responsibilities with ease. They are excited to say hello to someone who is proactive, outgoing, and active. Their ideal match is versatile, can wear many hats, and is flexible in terms of duties and responsibilities.

With a schedule of Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For both start and end times, our family is more than happy to be flexible by 30 minutes. Our family also travels during holiday breaks, spring break, and summer, and there would be an opportunity for you to travel with them during those times. Although it is not a requirement. When the family is traveling and you are not accompanying them, you will still need to perform your family assistant duties. Among some of the tasks include receiving their mail, assisting them with paying their bills, arranging contractors, and shopping for groceries when they arrive.

Our family’s son is active and always on the go! Playing with his RC trucks, building Legos, and learning about whales are some of his favorite activities. Football practice and cooking classes are also favorite activities for him. The Fall will be an exciting time for him as he will start Kindergarten. His perfect match would be someone who isn’t afraid to play and can provide an educational approach! A high-energy nanny who enjoys being on the go and is creative! Their nanny must be able to plan and implement age-appropriate activities for their son that fosters his physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Their son’s cooking classes are from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Frisco. He practices football from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Our family consists of two parents and a teenage sister who is a senior in High School. They are a very hands-on family and value a blended collaborative relationship with their nanny and household manager. Mom, who is a hands-on mom, may pick him up from school one day, and you may pick him up the next. It would be appreciated if someone could help with household duties if you aren’t with the son. This is a true divide and conquer relationship. 

The following are some of the duties associated with household management:

  • Planning and preparing meals and snacks, including grocery shopping for the family, following a grass-fed organic diet
  • Manage all aspects of the household, including family laundry, sweeping, making beds, tidying up, and organizing. The family will have a house cleaner that comes for deep cleaning 2x month but would like their candidate to be comfortable with light housekeeping, sweeping, dusting, & laundry. 
  • Running errands and completing grocery shopping as needed
  • Coordinate with other household staff (e.g. cleaning service, handyman)
  • Assisting with travel arrangements for the family
  • Planning and preparing meals, including grocery shopping and meal planning, based on the paleo organic diet. 
  • Planning and preparing meals, including grocery shopping and meal planning, based on the paleo organic diet. 
  • Organizing and decluttering the home, including managing storage spaces and implementing organizational systems.
  • Managing household maintenance and repairs, including coordinating with contractors and service providers as needed.
  • Running errands, such as picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and taking the family pet to the vet or groomer. 
  • Providing transportation for family members, such as driving children to school or activities. 
  • Managing household inventory, such as keeping track of household supplies and restocking as needed.
  • Assisting with childcare, such as supervising children and helping with homework or extracurricular activities.
  • Maintaining open communication with family members, including providing regular updates on household operations and addressing any concerns or issues.


Currently, our family resides in Frisco. They are, however, preparing to move to Oak Point by the end of the year. Our family also includes a small Shitzu Poodle. It would be appreciated if you could provide pet care, but it is not a requirement. Dog care would include feeding the dog, changing his diaper (he wears a diaper to prevent him from peeing in our house), taking him outside to go potty, and administering medication.


While living in California, our family had a nanny for five years. Their relationship with her remains strong. As part of their family, she is genuinely loved. They are excited to add another long-term nanny who will be valued and respected as part of the family. If you are an experienced nanny and household manager looking for a dynamic and rewarding position, we would love to hear from you.

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