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Is Hello, Nanny!® a nanny agency near me?

Hello, Nanny!® serves as a nanny placement agency in California and Texas and can connect you with an agency nationwide.

What makes Hello, Nanny!®  unique?

Hello, Nanny!® was founded by a mom-boss and 15 year career nanny & 6 year placement specialist. We understand the needs of a career nanny and a family. With both perspectives, alongside cutting-edge technology to provide families and nannies with complete transparency and insight during their search, we are exceptionally skilled at placements that are long lasting.

What is the typical search time for a Hello, Nanny!®?

The placement process can span 1 – 8 weeks. The timeline may be extended or shortened depending on the complexity of the position and prerequisites, including but not limited to availability of qualified candidates in a given market, accessibility and availability to conduct interviews & working trials, and many other circumstances that may arise beyond our control. We strive to ensure that our placements check EVERY box and that our families never feel like they are settling. The process takes time and patience on everyone’s part, however, rest assured that it is Hello, Nanny’s!® job and mission to identify the most qualified candidate for each family.

What if I need a Nanny Immediately?

If your family requires immediate assistance for care, Hello, Nanny!® is skillfully positioned to supply Families with a wonderful temporary candidate that can relieve the stress of hiring at a moment’s notice. This option facilitates a guarantee and peace of mind that your family is matched with the most qualified Nanny.

As an added benefit to families, we take a proactive and assertive effort to reduce the time it takes to find your perfect match. For that very reason, Hello, Nanny!® maintains an extensive network of skilled and qualified candidates. We are constantly scouting and vetting potential candidates to join our Hello, Nanny!® Network for your convenience.

In the event that our candidate does not work out, what happens?

Our guarantee to you is that we will do everything possible to discover the ideal match for your family. Our thorough screening and matching procedure ensures a lasting connection, but if you feel the match isn’t right, our guarantee means we’ll go back to the drawing board to help you find what you’re searching for. With our warranties, you can be assured that your needs are met. In the event that the family-nanny agreement terminates, you can select between a 3-month or a complete 1-year guarantee for a new search. Our method is endorsed by our company, and we will always connect you with someone we are proud to recommend!

Is our nanny properly screened, how can I tell?

Our extensive Nanny screening process is approached with diligence and consists of meticulous, & intensive research. We personally ensure first-hand that our network of Career Nannies have glowing & confirmed references, proven professional experience, and clear motivations. Our technology family portal provides families full transparency into all verifications and vetting items. Families will have access to all documents as proof of vetting.

What if my nanny takes vacation or sick time?

One of the many benefits of being a client of Hello, Nanny!® is that with us you have a trusted partner with a network of pre-vetted candidates at all times. Therefore, we are positioned to help our families fill in the gaps when their Hello, Nanny!® needs time off.

What if our nanny isn’t the right fit?

While we would all love for this process to be easy, it’s not. And finding the right career nanny for your family means sometimes going through a couple of placements.

Hello, Nanny!® helps families set up a working trial period which ranges between 2-7 days. This working trial gives families insight into whether they’re compatible with their placement.

Since we never want you to feel as though you’re settling, we work with you to find the right fit, even if that means repeating the process multiple times over.

Where to hire a nanny?

There are many options for families to choose from when sourcing a caregiver for their child. Some choose corporate daycare, or in-home daycares, and others opt for an in-home career nanny.

Searches most commonly take place on the web. Unfortunately, many online platforms allow anyone to build a caregiver profile with very little vetting or validity to profiles. The most secure place to search for a career nanny is through a nanny placement agency.

Nanny placement agencies do extensive research, interviewing, vetting, background checks, and personality checks to ensure families receive reliable professional nanny services. This eliminates the exhaustive process of sourcing hundreds of online profiles claiming to be professional nannies.

How to hire a nanny?

Hiring a nanny takes a lot of time and energy. Parents attempting the search on their own often end up with a revolving door of unreliable candidates. The sure way to hire a nanny is through an experienced nanny placement agency like Hello, Nanny!®.

We interview hundreds of candidates monthly. We continually add to our database of reliable, pre-vetted professional nannies that families rely on in the long term. Because of our expertise in the field, we realize each match is special and work to position career nannies and families for success.

How do you hire a nanny?

The process of hiring a nanny can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. Identifying and screening applicants for interviews is the first stage. This includes running a background check, an MVR check, and a reference check on a potential career nanny before meeting them.

If the background check is successful, we then extend an offer for an in-person interview. A paid working trial is scheduled if the interview goes well. The initial few candidates might not be a good fit, so this process could take weeks. Other characteristics — including parenting style and attention to detail — might not match and may impact the timeline.

How to hire a good nanny?

Perception is different for every person. Family needs vary greatly. So, a good nanny for one family is not good for another.

An experienced career nanny has a work history with a family of at least 3 years or has worked in a formal daycare or school setting. A professional nanny may also have early childhood education or training.

They are forward thinkers. They need very little guidance or hand-holding. They have planned activities for children. Professional nannies communicate effectively with the parents. They are reliable, punctual, and able to help the household run smoothly. Each family has unique needs, so it’s always important to communicate to us what a “good” nanny looks like to your family.

How much does it cost to hire a nanny?

The hourly cost of a career nanny varies depending on a few factors. The market rate for professional nannies varies depending on where your family lives. How many children you have also factors into a nanny’s rates. Career nannies base their rates on your position demands as well as their experience, education, location, and value.

What are things to consider when hiring a nanny?

There are many things to think about when hiring a professional nanny. What position are you looking for? Do you want a full-time or part-time nanny? Are you looking for a live-in or live-out nanny?

You should also consider what qualities and characteristics you’d like to see in your nanny. What experience would you like them to have? What personality would be most compatible with yours and your family’s?

Before proceeding with hiring a career nanny, you should be aware of the standard rate for professional nannies in your area. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with other expenses, such as taxes and bonuses. Using an expert nanny placement agency like Hello, Nanny!® ensures none of these factors are left unnoticed.

How do I find a good nanny in my area?

Nanny agencies in California and Texas and nationwide— like Hello, Nanny!® — are the best way to find a good career nanny in your area. Many websites offer hundreds of nanny profiles for families to sift through. Unfortunately, these platforms don’t vet their nannies with the same careful consideration that a nanny placement agency does.

With a boutique nanny agency like ours, we do all the heavy lifting — extensive research, interviewing, vetting, background checks, and personality checks — so families don’t have to.

We understand how much time and energy goes into finding the right career nanny for your family, which is why we ensure all our professional nannies are fully qualified before matching them with your family.

What does a nanny placement agency do?

A nanny placement agency works to find the perfect candidate for your family. Here at Hello, Nanny!® , we never leave anything to chance. We get to know you so we can learn your family’s preferences, needs, and requirements.

Then, we find the best career nanny for your family through our database of pre-vetted professional nannies. Due to our expertise as both a working mom and career nanny, we understand this process isn’t easy, which is why we work tirelessly to find the perfect match.

Our mission as a boutique nanny agency is to ease the stress of looking for the right candidate. We do this by presenting you with qualified professional nannies that meet your job requirements, personality preferences, and other personal needs.

At Hello Nanny!® we also work to educate, support, and empower families and professional nannies as they navigate this new partnership. We help you understand industry standards, customize your working agreements, and are there for any questions you may have along the way.


How can I expect to benefit from working with your agency?

Hello, Nanny!® is founded by a career nanny of 16 years and a placement specialist of 6 years. Therefore, we understand by first hand experience the needs of nannies and have an ability to position nannies so that they have the ability to have forward trajectory in their career advancement.

Does joining the Hello, Nanny!®  network cost anything?

No, not at all! Becoming a Hello, Nanny!® is a COMPLEMENTARY service to nannies! To position yourself at your best, we recommend that all of your vetting items are current; including your most recent childcare-related references, CPR & First Aid, as well as TB, and Tdap vaccinations. We encourage nannies to fully leverage every feature of their profile as it showcases your candidacy to potential families.

Who pays me?

Upon successful placement, a family hires you directly and you will receive payment directly from your family. Hello, Nanny!® assists you and your new family with all work agreements and contract negotiations so that clear expectations are defined, and you are set up for ongoing success in your new role.

What are the requirements to become a Hello, Nanny!®?


Legal US Citizen or visa documentation
Minimum of 3 Years of Recent Childcare Experience (At least 1 year must be as a professional nanny in a private home)
High School Diploma (College preferred)
At least 21 years of age
Have immaculate references from all former employers for past 3-5 years of employment.
Ability to take an extensive background check
Clean driving record
CPR & First Aid certified
Up-to-date TB and Tdap vaccinations
Valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle along with insurance – for positions where driving is required
Willing to make a 1-year commitment for full-time & long-term employment
California Nannies: upon hire, Trustline certification

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