Posted - June 9, 2022

Outside Learning Activity Ideas For Nannies

Summer is here! One of your top priorities, as a nanny, is creating a summer to remember. Let’s take advantage of the beautiful weather and all nature has to offer. Get those little minds curious and up for some fun learning - without even realizing it!

Plant A Garden

Grab your shovels, watering bucket, and some seeds. This is an excellent way to create a love for the environment and nature while learning how to care for others. Add some facts about how to plant, grow, and water plants to keep the learning going all year long. You could grow vegetables or fruits for your nanny family, or beautiful flowers to watch blossom.

Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and start exploring. You can make your own cards or purchase a deck. Have the kids find items on the cards to keep them excited about being outside. Teach them about what items are on the cards, the importance of each, or what they do for the environment. What will they find today?

Go On A Hike

Head on out with the kids and take them to new places. This is a great way to bond with your family’s children and get extra exercise in. During your exploration, you can talk about what they see. Point out different birds, animals, plants, and water sources. You can talk about their interests and dreams while discovering what’s around the neighborhood.

Visit A Local Zoo

Farms or zoos are an excellent idea when you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids. Even better, you can turn it into something educational on the days you’d like them to do some learning. You could make little bingo cards of animals. Each time they see an animal, they mark it out. The first one with a bingo gets a prize! Toss in some animal information while you’re walking around, and they’ll be sure to love what they’re learning.


Hopscotch, baseball, volleyball, and badminton are all excellent ways to exercise and work on reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You can teach them skill sets for these sports and how to play the game. This will give them a better understanding of the game and allow them to see what interests them. Keep it carefree and fun to create a love of sports!

Kid’s Choice

Ask them what they’d love to do over the summer. It is essential to encourage and support them in their interests. Write down all their ideas and think of ways to include this during your time together. Brainstorm ways to make it a learning experience. Remember to be supportive while they’re exploring their interests. You are someone they look up to, and you significantly impact them.

Most importantly, have fun! Help create a summer with fun ways of learning while supporting their needs. You are a role model, and it is imperative to remember that as you navigate your summer with your kids. Of course, always discuss any activities with the parents first.

Have fun, and enjoy your summer!

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