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Posted - January 25, 2023

11 Standard Nanny Benefits You Didn’t Know

What many families forget — or aren’t even aware of — are the standard nanny benefits that should be a part of every family-nanny relationship. Whether you employ a part-time or full-time nanny, certain benefits are standard and should be upheld. Learn More
Posted - January 12, 2023

How Families Can Make Their Nannies Last Long-Term

So how do you make a nanny stay long-term? Someone that feels valued, respected, and honored will want to work for an employer long-term than if they do not. Do not be stingy with compliments, bonuses, or growth opportunities. The most important part of keeping complications limited is open, honest communication. A long-term nanny is good for everyone. So make sure they are happy with their job. Learn More
Posted - January 7, 2023

Match Making: Nanny Interview Tips

Searching for your next nanny role with a family is a match-making process and requires thorough consideration and due diligence. Without it, nannies can find themselves unhappy and in unfavorable positions. This is why we encourage nannies to invest deeply in the interview process. Your happiness depends on it. Learn More
Posted - December 16, 2022

Best Christmas Gift for Nannies: 7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Nanny.

Looking for a Christmas gift for nanny? Learn More