Posted - September 28, 2023

Jetsetting with Your Nanny: A Guide to Fair Compensation and Successful Traveling Together

Traveling with kids can often feel like work rather than a vacation. As parents, we find ourselves in a different location, with limited resources and a disrupted routine. We are away from the comforts of home, our familiar systems, and the processes that make life flow smoothly. It's no wonder that sometimes we feel like we need a vacation from our vacation. However, when I started traveling with a nanny, everything changed. Suddenly, it truly felt like a vacation.
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As a reputable nanny agency with extensive experience in the industry, we understand the unique considerations and challenges that arise when traveling with a nanny. In this blog post, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive guide to fair compensation and successful traveling with your nanny. By addressing these important aspects, you can ensure a harmonious and rewarding travel experience for both your family and your dedicated caregiver. Skipping any of these steps can cause for a lot of confusion, and potentially ruin your experience. 

1. Establishing Fair Compensation:

When it comes to compensating your nanny for travel, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure fairness. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Pre-Trip Planning: 

Before embarking on your journey, discuss with your nanny the compensation expectations for the trip. Will you be providing a flat fee for the entire trip, or will you calculate compensation based on an hourly rate? Agree on the approach that works best for both parties. How involved will your nanny be in the pre-planning process, packing, and post-travel unpacking? Decide whether you will travel with your baby equipment, or whether you will utilize a baby equipment delivery service. 

Additional Expenses: 

In addition to the nanny’s regular compensation, it’s important to consider additional expenses. Will you cover their transportation costs, accommodation, meals, and any other necessary expenses related to the trip? Clearly outline these details to avoid any misunderstandings.

Overtime Compensation: 

Traveling may involve longer work hours than usual for your nanny. Discuss how overtime will be compensated, whether it’s paying a higher hourly rate for extra hours worked or providing additional compensation for extended shifts. It is also important to note your states overtime laws when making these decisions. 

Accommodation and Travel Arrangements:

When traveling with your nanny, it’s essential to plan and communicate effectively. Consider the following aspects to ensure a smooth experience:


Determine the living arrangements for your nanny during the trip. Will they have a separate room or share accommodations with the children? Clarify any specific expectations and ensure that the living arrangements are comfortable and appropriate.


Discuss transportation arrangements during the trip. If your nanny will be accompanying you on flights, arrange for a seat nearby. If you’re traveling by car, ensure that there is sufficient space for everyone, including your nanny.

Schedule and Downtime: 

Plan a schedule that allows your nanny to have reasonable downtime during the trip. While travel can be exciting, it can also be exhausting. Adequate rest and breaks will help your nanny provide the best care for your children throughout the journey.

Open Communication and Expectation Setting:

Clear communication is the foundation for a successful travel experience with your nanny. Consider the following tips:

Discuss Expectations:

Prior to the trip, have an open and honest conversation about your expectations and those of your nanny. Clarify their responsibilities, such as childcare duties, meal preparation, or accompanying the children during outings. Setting clear expectations will help your nanny understand their role during the trip.

Flexibility and Appreciation: 

Acknowledge that traveling can be unpredictable and may require flexibility. Show appreciation for your nanny’s efforts and be understanding of any changes or challenges that may arise during the trip. Maintaining

There are many intricacies that go into clearly defining a travel arrangement and work agreement with a nanny that will travel with your family. In addition to industry standards and practices there are employment laws that should also be followed. Consulting a nanny agency for sourcing a nanny familiar with these topics makes the process much easier. For the legalities, Hello, Nanny! Is always able to connect families with the appropriate legal professionals to ensure families are protected. If your family is considering a nanny for their next vacation, consider inquiring with Hello, Nanny! to learn more about what it takes to find an experience travel nanny.