Posted - April 10, 2024

From Application to Success: How to Find Nanny Jobs

Becoming a nanny offers a unique opportunity to nurture, teach, and bond with little ones, and finding the right position is crucial. Remember, your role as a nanny goes beyond just a job; it's about creating lasting memories and making genuine connections. At Hello, Nanny!, we're here to ensure your search for the perfect nanny position is as seamless and rewarding as your next adventure and growing childcare experience.
how to find nanny jobs

Nannies play a crucial role in a family’s life. They’re much more than caretakers; they’re mentors, teachers, and sometimes even friends. Serving as an emotional anchor, nannies provide both children and parents with a comforting sense of security and stability. Parents gain peace of mind knowing their children are in capable and caring hands, while kids receive the invaluable gift of consistent, loving attention that aids in their social and emotional development.

The demand for nannies has been on a steady rise, with recent statistics done by the Bureau of Statistics showing that approximately 53,100 openings for childcare workers are projected each year. This surge highlights the growing recognition of the vital role nannies play in today’s fast-paced and often overwhelming world.

In this post, we’ll explore the nuts and bolts of the nanny job search – from crafting a standout resume to acing your interviews, and everything in between. With over 20 years of experience, our team at Hello, Nanny! understand that finding the right family is just as important as finding you, which is why we’ll also provide tips on aligning with families that match your career aspirations and personal values.

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Understanding the Role

Jumping into the world of nannying is more than just a career move—it’s stepping into a role that’s as rewarding as it is demanding.

Nanny Responsibilities

At the heart of the nanny profession lies a diverse range of responsibilities that extend far beyond basic child care. Nannies are tasked with fostering a safe and stimulating environment for children to grow and thrive. Modern nannies spend a lot of their time engaged in educational activities, aiming to support early learning and development. Tasks might include organizing creative playtime that encourages cognitive and social skills, preparing nutritious meals to ensure a balanced diet, and managing children’s daily schedules—from school drop-offs to bedtime routines. The role is dynamic, adapting to the unique needs of each family and child.

Qualities Employers Look For

When families set out to find their ideal nanny, they’re not just looking for a caretaker; they’re searching for a candidate who can become an integral part of their child’s upbringing. Parents tend to prioritize trustworthiness above all else when selecting a nanny. This is closely followed by qualities such as patience, empathy, and a genuine love for children. Parents also highly value communication skills, as clear, ongoing discussions are essential for aligning parenting styles and childcare techniques while fostering a great nanny-parent relationship. Creativity and a sense of fun come next, because who wouldn’t want their child’s day to be filled with joy and learning opportunities? Lastly, adaptability is key, as nannies often need to pivot quickly in response to the day’s (or even the hour’s) changing needs.

Qualifications and Skills

A dynamic educational background can be a game-changer in your nanny career. While you don’t need a Ph.D. in Child Psychology, certain educational milestones can significantly enhance your appeal to prospective families. Nanny candidates with any form of early childhood education or certification are more likely to be hired compared to those without. This could range from a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education to specialized certifications in child care and safety. Not only do these qualifications make you more attractive to families, but they also arm you with a deeper understanding of child development, enabling you to contribute more effectively to the children’s growth.

Crafting a Standout Resume

Think of your resume as your personal billboard, shouting to the world (or at least to potential families) why you’re the superstar nanny they need.

Resume Dos and Don’ts

First impressions last, especially on paper. While it’s a myth that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds on an initial resume review, it remains true that they have limited time and attention. To make your resume stand out, follow these dos and don’ts:

  • Do: Be concise and organized. Your resume should be easy to read and highlight the most relevant information that fits the job description.
  • Don’t: Include irrelevant facts or cluttered design elements.
  • Do: Tailor your resume for each job listing. This shows that you’ve taken the time to understand the family’s needs and have considered how your skills align with them.
  • Don’t: Use generic templates or copy-paste the same resume for every application.
  • Do: Showcase your relevant experience and qualifications, even if it doesn’t involve traditional nannying roles. For example, if you volunteered at a community center working with children, highlight those skills and responsibilities.
  • Don’t: Inflate or exaggerate your experience. Families will appreciate honesty and transparency.

Showcasing Relevant Experience

Your resume isn’t just a list of jobs; it’s a narrative of your career in childcare. Experts state that resumes that tell a cohesive story are more likely to capture the employer’s interest. When detailing your experience, don’t just mention where you worked; highlight how you contributed to the child’s development, overcame challenges, and implemented creative solutions.

Did you help improve a child’s reading level, or perhaps you successfully navigated a dietary allergy with innovative meal planning? These specifics can make your resume come alive. Remember, every family is looking for that nanny who goes the extra mile, so showcasing your proactive and thoughtful approach to common nanny scenarios can set you apart from the crowd.

Where to Find Great Nanny Jobs


how to find nanny jobs


Now that you’ve crafted a standout resume, it’s time to start your job search. Here are some tips on where and how to find nanny jobs:

Online Job Platforms

The digital age makes how to find nanny jobs easier than brewing a cup of coffee.

1. Niche Websites

Start with websites specifically designed for childcare job postings. These are your gold mines. These sites allow you to showcase your stellar resume directly to parents who are on the hunt for someone with your exact skills and passions. However, while they may offer a chance to find your dream job, these websites are fully saturated and may charge a subscription fee for nannies to find full job postings and connect with families. Not to mention, using these sites means you have to do your own advocating. Make sure you work with a detailed working agreement to outline your responsibilities, hours, pay, and any other important details such as receiving industry-standard benefits. Examples of these websites include, Nanny Lane, and Sittercity.

2. General Job Portals

Don’t underestimate the power of general job portals like Indeed or LinkedIn. These sites have the added benefit of broadening your search and potentially connecting you with families who didn’t know they needed you until they found you. However, the downside is that these sites may not have dedicated childcare categories, so you’ll need to be creative with your search terms.

Local Community Resources To Find Jobs In Your Area

Think global, act local.

Your local community is brimming with opportunities to connect with families in need of a nanny like you. Many nanny positions are filled through local community resources, including local bulletin boards, community centers, and local families and parenting groups. Engaging with your community not only puts you in front of potential employers but also embeds you into the fabric of your local childcare and parenting networks, providing a wealth of resources and support.

Agencies and Placement Services

Nanny placement agencies are agencies that connect nannies with families seeking quality childcare. These agencies handle all the hiring logistics, including background checks and contract negotiations, making it a convenient option for busy families.

Like any job search method, there are pros and cons to using nanny placement agencies:


  • Personalized Matching: Agencies like Hello, Nanny! pride themselves on their ability to understand your unique skills, personality, and preferences, matching you with families that will truly appreciate and need what you bring to the table.
  • Vetting and Security: Feeling safe is paramount. Agencies carefully choose the nannies and families they collaborate with to guarantee a safe environment for all parties. This ensures that nannies are working with families that provide industry-standard benefits and compensation. 
  • Support System: You’re not alone. Agencies often provide ongoing support, advice, and resources, making them a valuable ally throughout your nannying career.


  • Fees: While not always the case, some agencies charge nannies for their services, which can be a deterrent for those just starting out or on a tight budget. Thankfully, at Hello, Nanny! we offer a fixed and transparent fee for families and no additional fees for nannies.
  • Limited Reach: Depending on the agency’s size and location, their reach may be limited to a specific state. This can limit your job opportunities.
  • Less Control: When you go through an agency, you might not have as much say in the negotiation process for your salary or working conditions, as the agency often manages these discussions.

How to Choose the Right Agency

Choosing the right agency is like picking the perfect pair of shoes: it needs to fit just right and feel comfortable through all walks of life. Here’s how you can ensure a perfect match:

  • Research Reputation: Start by looking into reviews and testimonials about the agency. An agency like Hello, Nanny! often showcases success stories and feedback from both nannies and families to highlight their commitment and effectiveness.
  • Understand the Terms: Get crystal clear on any fees, policies, and what is expected from you as a nanny. Transparency is key.
  • Personal Touch: Consider whether the agency takes the time to get to know you and your needs. A good agency will make sure you feel valued and understood, not just added to a list.
  • Support Services: Identify what kind of support and resources the agency provides. From continuing education opportunities to partnering with external payroll and legal agencies, these services can be incredibly beneficial in your nannying career.

Remember, whether you choose to go through an agency like Hello, Nanny! or strike out on your own, the right fit is out there. Your skills, dedication, and love for childcare are valuable, and the right partnership can help you find the families who need you most.

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Summary: Finding The Perfect Nanny Job With Hello, Nanny!

Becoming a nanny offers a unique opportunity to nurture, teach, and bond with little ones, and finding the right position is crucial. Remember, your role as a nanny goes beyond just a job; it’s about creating lasting memories and making genuine connections. At Hello, Nanny!, we’re here to ensure your search for the perfect nanny position is as seamless and rewarding as your next adventure and growing childcare experience.

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