Temporary Full-Time Loving and Knowledgable Newborn Nanny Needed, Rincon Hill, S.F.

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Job Details

 San Francisco, California, 94105

 September 18th or 25th until November 10th (possible it could extend by two weeks depending on delivery date)

 On the start date, their son will be 3 weeks old

 Our family is flexible depending on experience and education

Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Say Hello To Our Family:

Assisting our kind, flexible, and welcoming family in their search for a temporary nanny is an honor for us. As first-time parents, they are excited to partner with a nanny who can offer support, guidance, and teach them the ropes of parenting. Mom is due on August 28th. During the first three weeks, Grandma will be assisting our family in adjusting to life with their new baby. When their son is 3 weeks old, when Grandma leaves, they are looking forward to having their nanny start. 

For this position, the schedule is 9:00 am-5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. The ability to schedule a date night every now and then would be ideal for them. It is a temporary position between September 18th or 25th and November 10th, with the possibility of an extension by two weeks depending on delivery date.

Our family is looking for someone who can help with all newborn tasks. A few of these include taking the baby to the mother for feedings, cleaning the breast pump supplies, washing the infant’s clothes, accompanying parents to doctor’s appointments, and going for an outdoor stroll with their newborn. Aside from providing basic childcare services such as feeding, changing, and putting their baby to sleep, they hope their nanny will also engage in activities that will enhance their child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

In light of the fact that mom will be staying home, she is looking for a true partner. To them, it is crucial that their nanny feels completely at home. Mom’s goal during the day is to rest. However, if she wishes to spend time with a baby, she would like their nanny to feel at ease in their house. There is no problem with you bringing a book, laptop, or even meal prep supplies for your dinner. 

Both mom and dad are eager to learn from their candidate. It would be helpful for them to partner with someone who has extensive experience with newborns and is confident about their abilities. The candidate should have tips and tricks up their sleeve and be able to guide and support them as much as possible. Having the ability and confidence to run the show is needed!

It is important that the person caring for their infant be attentive, patient, and experienced. They are looking for someone who is capable of creating a safe and nurturing environment for their little one as well as flexible and adaptable to the needs of their family.

This is a wonderful opportunity for an infant nanny seeking a temporary commitment from an extremely kind, communicative, and lovely family. With our family, you will have the autonomy to do your job. Our family is flexible and warm, and they hope to find a nanny who will both care for their child and be an integral part of their family. Their home is eagerly awaiting your arrival.

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