Raising children is a journey filled with both challenges and joys. At Hello, Nanny!, we understand the importance of supporting parents and nannies in creating the best possible environment for children to thrive. That's why we are thrilled to announce our FREE upcoming webinar series, sponsored by Hello, Nanny!® In collaboration with renowned parenting expert Yogi Patel, we invite you to join us for this transformative webinar series. Gain practical strategies and valuable insights that will empower you to create a nurturing and thriving environment for your child, while also fostering a harmonious relationship between parents and nannies. When? The First Wednesday of each month at Noon CST

Who is Yogi Patel?

With over three decades of diverse experience, Yogi Patel has learned that the crux of achievement lies in nurturing individuals to realize their full potential through the cultivation of purpose, creativity, and personal growth. She offers an evolving and visionary approach to leadership and human development that transcends traditional methods. Her programs are created to facilitate positive transformation, fostering open dialogue and equipping individuals with the critical thinking tools needed to shape their own values.

Her goal is to build a generation of leaders characterized by empowerment, empathy, and the capacity to make impactful contributions to the communities they engage with. She is a certified Master Trainer for Empowering People in the Workplace, with a rich history of leadership roles in both startups and Fortune 500 Companies. She also holds a Certificate of Management Essentials from Harvard Business School.

Her leadership journey has spanned organizations of all sizes, including two schools she founded from the ground up. Serving over a thousand students over a span of two decades, she passionately advocated for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Furthermore, she is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer, offering coaching, training, and unwavering support to parents, leaders, and teachers. Her mission is to ignite a passion for excellence, arming individuals with the skills necessary to cultivate a respectful, collaborative environment and to lead with unwavering courage.

Month 1: Age-Appropriate Contributions and Learning Milestones for Children

Discuss the importance of age-appropriate tasks and chores for children

Explore different learning milestones and how both nannies and parents can support their child's development

Month 2: Montessori's Four Planes of Development

Introduce Montessori's theory of child development and its four planes

Discuss how understanding these planes can help both nannies and parents better support their child's growth

Month 3: Creating a Holistic Morning Routine Chart for a Montessori Classroom and Home

Share tips and strategies for establishing a holistic morning routine

Provide a step-by-step guide to creating a morning routine chart for both home and classroom settings, involving both nannies and parents

Month 4: Understanding Deviation and Normalization in Montessori Education

Explain the concepts of deviation and normalization in Montessori education

Discuss how both nannies and parents can recognize and support their child's individuality within the context of a Montessori approach

Month 5: Parenting Playbook: Navigating the Toddler Years

Offer guidance and practical tips for navigating the challenges of parenting toddlers

Discuss strategies for effective communication, setting boundaries, and fostering independence, involving both nannies and parents

Month 6: Growing Together: Navigating Parenthood with Confidence

Explore the emotional and psychological aspects of parenthood

Provide tools and techniques for building confidence as parents and enhancing the parent-child relationship, with input from both nannies and parents

Month 7: Tiny Steps, Big Impact: Parenting Hacks for Little Ones

Share practical parenting hacks and tips for everyday situations

Cover topics such as mealtime struggles, bedtime routines, and managing tantrums, involving both nannies and parents

Month 8: Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Children

Discuss the importance of emotional intelligence in child development

Provide strategies for nurturing emotional intelligence skills in children, with collaboration between nannies and parents

Month 9: Positive Discipline: Effective Strategies for Setting Limits

Explore the concept of positive discipline and its benefits

Offer effective strategies for setting limits and managing behavior challenges in a positive and respectful manner, involving both nannies and parents

Month 10: Building Resilience in Children

Discuss the importance of resilience in children's lives

Provide practical tips and activities for fostering resilience in children, with input from both nannies and parents

Month 11: Mindful Parenting: Cultivating Presence and Connection

Introduce the concept of mindful parenting

Share mindfulness techniques and practices that can enhance parent-child connection and overall well-being, involving both nannies and parents

Month 12: Parenting Self-Care: Nurturing Yourself while Nurturing Others

Emphasize the importance of self-care for both nannies and parents

Discuss self-care strategies and resources that can support both nannies and parents in maintaining their well-being while caring for their children